Welcome to the very first and only authentic restaurant specialising in Japanese yakiniku barbecue in Central Europe. It serves a big variety of special Japanese dishes, including famous Japanese wagyu beef, known for its superior marbling which lends the muscle extraordinary quality with high content of fat essential for its flavour, resulting in the highest culinary properties and unparalleled taste.

Our menu includes many dishes not be found in any other restaurant in Czech Republic, ranging from meats imported from Japan and Australia, as well local farms, through to exotic vegetables, seafood and unusual desserts.

Each table in our restaurant is equipped with a special built-in grill on which you can prepare your meat and vegetables yourselves with help from our staff, so a dinner with your loved ones can become an even greater experience. You may also enjoy one of the pinnacles of Japanese social dinning, sukiyaki hot pot, made right in front of you at your table.

In our restaurant you will feel as if transported to Japan, including original Japanese tatami rooms.

Hiro Restaurant interior