Gift Certificate

Yakiniku – Meat for Grill

Pork short ribs – with lettuce (for rolled meat) 120 g160 Kč
French duck breast 80 g160 Kč
Beef heart with miso momidare sauce 100 g160 Kč
Beef tripe baked in tinfoil – with yuzu pepper 150 g180 Kč
Beef tongue with salt and black pepper (thick cut) 60 g170 Kč
Beef tongue with salt, black pepper and spring onion (thin cut) 8pcs 80 g180 Kč
Australian beef bottom round with momidare sauce 150 g180 Kč
American beef chuck flap 120 g230 Kč
Australian beef top blade 120 g290 Kč
Argentine beef rib eye – with soy sauce butter or garlic butter 100 g290 Kč
Australian wagyu chuck roll eye (thin cut) 90 g380 Kč
Premium square cuts of wagyu short ribs 120 g320 Kč
Premium thin cuts of wagyu short ribs 120 g320 Kč
Premium beef tenderloin square cuts – with green tea salt and turmeric salt 100 g460 Kč
Japanese Joshu wagyu sirloin A4 grade 150 g1890 Kč
Japanese Joshu wagyu rib eye A5 grade 150 g1890 Kč
Three kinds of beef (short ribs, chuck flap, top blade) 150 g420 Kč
Premium square cuts of three kinds of beef 150 g

(Japanese Joshu wagyu sirloin, wagyu short ribs, tenderloin)

990 Kč
Most popular in Hiro Japanese BBQ (for two) 480 g

(Wagyu short ribs, beef tongue with salt and black pepper, Argentine beef,
Australian beef bottom round, chuck flap)

1290 Kč